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  • Perfect for the Urban Gardener, Piccolo Seeds are designed to be grown in pots on your terrace, kitchen windowsill or garden space.

    Each pack contains easy to follow instructions.

    Option to add on seedling kit, containing a bag of coco soil, x 5 biodegradeable seedling pots (6cm), x 5 plant label sticks.

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  • SHISO RED AND GREEN MIX - Also known as ‘Japanese Basil’, Shiso has a unique taste that is hard to describe. Most commonly used to give flavour to Japanese dishes including, sushi and sashimi, this herb is also becoming more and more popular in Western gourmet cooking.

    LEMON BALM QUEDLINBURGER NIEDERLIEGENDE - This variety is higher in essential-oil content than other lemon balms. The list of reasons to love and grow lemon balm is endless – it has culinary, cosmetic and medicinal values, and a beautiful lemon scent.

    WILDIFRE/WASABI WILD ROCKET A perennial variety of Wild Rocket, with deep green, serrated foliage that makes an attractive garnish for any dish. An alternative to the usual Rocket, Wild Rocket has a distinctive wasabi taste that impart a real “wow factor” on the tongue. The leaves may look harmless, but a nice surprise for the palate lies hidden within!

    MOROCCAN SPEARMINT A pretty, compact variety of mint that looks good in your garden and can be used to flavour food, make tea or simply scent your patio!

    GREEK OREGANO - A subspecies of common oregano, with a much stronger flavour and fragrance and graced with beautiful white flowers.

    GIGANTE D'ITALIA PARSLEY - A deep green, broad-leaved plant, with strong stalks, a fresh, slightly spicy aroma and a tangy-sweet flavour.

    THYME DE PROVENCE - A popular perennial herb that is well known for its culinary and medicinal uses. With its tiny, soft, grey-green leaves and small, pinkish flowers, Thyme de Provence is spicier than common thyme and is the preferred option in authentic French cuisine.

    THAI BASIL - A spicy, anise-liquorice flavoured basil. The plants have lovely purple stems and purple-veined leaves on a shiny, dark green background. The herb is widely used in Southeast Asian cuisine, including in Thai, Vietnamese, Lao and Cambodian cooking.

    MRS BURNS LEMON BASIL - A legendary heirloom plant that has been grown since the 1920s. The lemon-scented, light-green leaves can be used in cooking, eaten raw and even added to baked treats. The herb is also not actually a variety of lemon basil; it is a kind of sweet basil. And a total one off.

    RED RUBIN BASIL - As the name suggests, Red Rubin Basil is a red-coloured basil. More specifically, it has dark, reddish-purple leaves and stems, making it a great choice for salads and garnishes.

    GENOVESE BASIL - Perhaps the most famous sweet basil variety in the world. Known for its use in pesto, the best Genovese Basil is said to be grown in western Genoa, Italy.

    Piccolo was founded in 2012 with the intention of offering select seeds for urban gardens. Piccolo offers vegetables and plants specifically designed for pot growing: compact, dwarf varieties. 

    All seeds are packed using sustainable and completely recyclable materials.


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