Zebra Plant

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Care Guide
  • Botanical Name: Aphelandra Squarrosa (A.K.A. Zebra Plant)

    Although the Zebra Plant requires a bit more attention that most, this tropical plant, originating from Brazil is a popular indoor houseplant due to its dark green glossy leaves with prominent white or yellow coloured veins.It blooms towards the late summer/Autumn with a yellow, orange or red tinged flower.

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  • LIGHT:
    Needs a warm spot with lots of bright, indirect light.

    Keep soil evenly moist - do not allow the soil to dry out. Use lukewarm water to keep soil temperature elevated.

    Thrives in high humidity. Position in a bright bathroom use a pebble tray with water or mist daily.


    Remove flowers when they begin to die, but the colourful bracts which they grow from can remain for months. Cut these back to make room for new growth.

    Propogate this plant if you can as these plants won't last forever

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