Calathea Ornata


Botanical Name: Calathea Ornata

A.K.A. The Pinstripe Calathea - Its dark green leaves feature a pinstripe pattern that can range from light green to bright pink.

The most distinctive foliage of all prayer plant species.

(Approx.) H: 50cm

Pot Size: 15cm 



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  • Water: Keep it lightly moist but never soggy or wet.

    Keep top soil moist in Summer months, and allow to dry out between waterings in winter months.

    Soil: Fertilise every couple of months during growing season (April - October)

    Light: Bright but indirect light, that keeps it growing happily and prevent burning.

    Humidity: High humidity is an absolute must. Mist during hot summer months. 

    Location: Does not appreciate drafts and cold so keep it away from windows  during cold nights.

    Toxicity: Non toxic to pets

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