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Air Purifying Collection

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The plants in our Air Purifying Collection take air purifying abilities to the next level and feature high on the list of best performing plants in NASA's Clean Air Study. The plants in this collection are shown to remove toxins from the air, including benzyne and formaldehyde, which are commonly found in the home. Having a collection of plants also increases oxygen levels, and reduces airborne dust levels for healthier and cleaner breathing. WIN.

Plant set includes:

Rubber Plant (12cm Pot / H 30cm)

Dragon Tree - (11cm pot / H 45cm)

Varigated trailing ivy (13 cm pot / Trail 20-30cm)

Snake Plant ( 12cm pot / H 35cm)

Peace Lily (17 cm pot / H 75cm)

Red Chinese Evergreen (12cm pot / H 30cm)

Plants supplied in plastic nursery pots.


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