Low Maintenance

Black raven ZZ


  • Botanical Name: Zamioculas Zamiifolia (A.K.A. Raven ZZ / Black Raven ZZ)

    One of the more recent additions to our plant gang, the Raven ZZ has all the qualities of the popular Green ZZ plant but its slick, bold black leaves give it the edge on its relative. It's a great choice for the plant lover who appreciates something a little different, or for the plant newbie who needs something low maintenance for their modern, minimal home or work space.

    Fresh leaves will grow green and turn darker over time.

    Concrete pot sold separately.


    The ZZ Plant is tolerant of low light, but will thrive more in a room with indirect bright light


    In the summer, water allow the soil to dry out entirely before watering again. The ZZ Plant has a tuber-like rhizome that stores water and letting the soil dry out occasionally helps fend off root rot.


    No specific requirements, but an occasional mist would be gratefully received.


    Toxic to pets


    Your Black Raven ZZ plant is really easy to propagate from stem cuttings.

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